Stardust Crown Artglass Marbles

$ 300.00 (CAD)

Filigree and Ribbon Glass Mirage Marbles

These brightly colored Mirage Orbs are made using precise, consistent glass rods of different colors and styles oriented to display a distinct pattern on the surface fo the orb. They have a reflective core allowing the viewer to see images of light and color, giving the illusion of having a second orb within.

Your marble will come to  you in a gift box with an artist card along with a rubber “O” ring to display it on.



Virginia and Tony create the Stardust Crown Artglass Marbles using Dichroic Glass. We enhance its reflective qualities to exhibit more color and sparkle. We then combine this with various styles of ribbon cane, latticino, or other exotic complex canes. The pieces are truly unique and the end result is dazzling.

This is a true signature piece unique to our style with the end result being one of vibrant color and brilliance.

Dichroic glass is created by depositing several very thin layers of rare metal oxides on the surface of a piece of glass. The particles are bombarded with an intense electron beam in a high temperature vacuum chamber.

‘Dichroic‘ is defined as the property of exhibiting more than one colour when viewed from different angles. Virginia fires her glass in a kiln at high temperatures a number of times to achieve the finished product. This results in a variety of colour that can be quite unpredictable.

Dichroic glass displays an effect that is witnessed in nature on insect wings, peacock and hummingbird feathers.

Virginia selects the glass rods carefully to match in size, twist and pattern. The rods go on a fire proof plate and arranged to display a distinct pattern with the stardust panels. They are fused and picked up on the glassblowing pipe, formed and blown into the desired shape and size. This creates a uniquely formed pattern throughout the ball.

Glass masters Filippo and Bernardo Catani  invented the Ancient glass making techniques used in this process in 1526. This elaborate pattern making technique was laborious and difficult to perform. Filigree Glass was rare. This made it suitable for only the uppermost tables of society. It was befitting of Kings and Queens at the time.

The elaborate and beautiful form of Filigrana Glass  in these Stardust Crown Artglass Marbles is responsible for the fame of Murano style glass today.

mar*ble* (n). A small ball of colored glass or similar material used as a toy or collectible, contemporary objects of beauty

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Weight 440 g
Dimensions 14 × 0.375 × 13 cm
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