Hand Blown Pink Filigrana Swirl Bell

$ 140.00 (CAD)

Pink Filigrana Swirl Bell with Stardust Handle

Rich pink overlaid canes gently swirl up  and around the flared bell body. An elegant Stardsut handle tops this bell.  The clapper is a faceted bead on a chain.

Size: 7 ½″ H x 2 ⅞″ W

Signed: Virginia Wilson Toccalino



Virginia and Tony create the stunning  Pink Filigrana Swirl Bell at their glassblowing studio in Halton Hills, On. Virginia’s Blown  Pink Filigrana Swirl Bell is very collectible.

The Swirl Bell has colourful overlaid bright pink coloured glass canes gently swirling up and around a rich ruby red bell body.    Some are finished with a stunning hand formed air twist handle, some with simple yet elegant clear handles.  The elegant handle on this bell has Stardust accents througout. All are signed by Virginia on the inside of the bell body.

Filigrana glass is a combination of one or more colors of glass canes. Virginia selects the glass rods carefully to match in size, twist and pattern. The canes are held up in a metal mould where they are carefully oriented. They are preheated with a powerful torch, then Virginia then picks them up on the surface of the glass. She then manipulates and twists them to create a gorgeous swirl around the body of the bell. Every piece produced is unique. The patterns can be similar but never identical.

Glass masters Filippo and Bernardo Catani  invented the Ancient glass making techniques used in this process in 1526. This elaborate pattern making technique was laborious and difficult to perform. Filigrana Glass was rare. This made it suitable for only the uppermost tables of society. It was befitting of Kings and Queens at the time.

This elaborate and beautiful form of Filigrana Glass is responsible for the fame of Murano style glass today. It is scarce and difficult of acquire.


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Weight 657 g
Dimensions 32.5 × 18 × 18 cm