Hand Blown Mutant Brain Marbles

$ 130.00 (CAD)

These Mutant Brain marbles are composed of fine swirling lines of glass entwined and some also with mutated ribbon glass canes. Your Mutant Brain Marble will come in a gift box with an artist card.



The Mutant Brain Marbles are related to our Damascus Series. These Orbs have colored glass rods woven within the mass of crystal not just on the surface. With the addition of another glassmaking technique, Virginia and Tony get the appearance of a multi-colored fungus growing within what appears to suggest brain matter. This resulted in the birth of the Mutant Brain. This design serves as a timely reminder that we, the human race as a whole must change our ways of thinking and consider the planet and how we interact with every part of it. To do nothing means certain disaster. We must mutate to survive. All orbs are signed by the artist.

Damascus glass is a combination of one or more colors of glass canes. The canes are picked up on the surface of the glass and manipulated and folded many times. This creates a distinct pattern on the surface of the glass. Every piece produced is unique. The patterns may be similar, but never identical. The term Damascus refers to a type of steel blade. The blade is made using a process of folding and hammering the material. This results in beautiful swords and knives.

This patterned in metal has been in existence for over 2000 years and originated in the Middle East.  Historically the pattern displayed on this marble was referred to as “King Tut. In Medieval times metal smiths forged Damascus swords and knives with great skill. These items were greatly admired for their beauty. Their owners believed the strange whorls and ripples lent them to have mystical powers.

The Mutant Brain Marbles come gift boxed with an artist card.


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Weight 353 g
Dimensions 14 × 0.375 × 13 cm