Glass Ribbon/Veil Cane Apple with Signature Murrine

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Delectable, Delicious, Delightful.

fruit (n. a.) The ripened ovary or ovaries of a seed-bearing plant, together with accessory parts, containing the seeds and occurring in a wide variety of forms. It is sometimes edible, usually sweet and fleshy for of such a structure.

Virginia Wilson Toccalino creates various types of Filigree and Ribbon Glass Fruit. All are personally hand blown and signed in Milton, Ontario, in the Greater Toronto area. Handblown glass Apples, pears, lemons and limes are life sized replicas of natures beauty. These items are made using ancient techniques developed in the Italian Venetian lagoon on the island of Murano in the year 1526. Thank you for supporting fine Canadian Hand blown art glass.

This delicious Blue and Yellow Ribbon Veil Apple is hollow and signed with a VWT signature murrini on the tip of the stem. Look closely and see the subtle Aventurine sparkle in the veil cane.

Size: 4 ⅜ ” H x  3 ⅝ ” W


Virginia and Tony lovingly create the Glass Ribbon/Veil Cane Apple at their glassblowing studio in Halton Hills, On. Filigree and Ribbon Glass objects are one of Virginia’s favourite things to make. Her  filigrana glass Apples are highly collectible and in many private and public collections throughout the world.

The apple is a religious symbol and an ancient fertility symbol. It represents love, temptation, and spiritual growth. To eat the apple means acquiring knowledge.

Virginia selects the glass rods carefully to match in size, twist and pattern. The rods go on a fire proof plate and arranged to display a distinct pattern.  They are fused and picked up on the glassblowing pipe and  they are blown into the desired shape and size. This creates a uniquely formed pattern throughout the apple.

Glass masters Filippo and Bernardo Catani  invented the ancient glass making techniques used in this process in 1526. This elaborate pattern making technique was laborious and difficult to perform. Filigree Glass was rare. This made it suitable for only the uppermost tables of society. It was befitting of Kings and Queens at the time.

This elaborate and beautiful form of Filigrana Glass is responsible for the fame of Murano style glass today. It is scarce and difficult to acquire.

The pattern and color combinations in these Glass Ribbon/Veil Cane Apple are almost limitless. This brings worldwide appreciation and joy to collectors of the beloved Filigree Glass technique.

Your beautiful glass apple will come in a gift box accompanied by an artist’s card.

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Weight 601 g
Dimensions 19.5 × 18.5 × 19 cm

Virginia Wilson Toccalino

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