Medium Millifiore Tree Paperweights, Hand Blown Glass

$ 110.00 (CAD)

Hand Blown Solid Art Glass Millefiore Christmas Tree Paperweight

These sweet little solid Christmas Tree Sculptures are perfect accents for your holiday decorating. The millefiore glass bits which abound on the surface imitate Christmas balls and decorations of every kind.

Your Christmas Tree will come in a gift box with an artist card.



Virginia and Tony create the Medium Millifiore Tree Paperweights at their glassblowing studio in Halton Hills, On. They use Ancient glass making techniques invented in Murano Italy hundreds of years ago.

This elaborate pattern making technique was extremely laborious.  The process is no easier today. Millefiore glass was rare and considered suitable for only the uppermost tables of society.

The term millefiori is a combination of the Italian words “mille” (thousand) and “fiori” (flowers).; meaning together a thousand flowers! What a beautiful name for a beautiful design.

The millefiori technique involves the production of glass canes or murrini rods.  They have multicolored patterns that run throughout the rod. These patterns are viewable only from the cut ends of the cane. A murrine rod is created, heated in a furnace and pulled until thin while still maintaining the cross section’s design. They are fused together again with other rods and cut to create flower patterns. 

This elaborate form of Millefiore Glass is responsible for the fame of Murano style glass today.

The patterns and colors that can be combined in these Handblown Medium Millifiore Tree Paperweights are almost limitless. This brings much appreciation and joy to collectors of the beloved Millefiore Glass technique.

Virginia and Tony anneal all the glass they create in a digitally controlled annealer for strength and durability. The images you’ll see are of our actual art glass selection and the piece you will receive should you make a purchase. Thank you for supporting  fine Canadian Handblown art glass.

The sweet little murrini stars and flowers trim and shine out from the Christmas Green base color on the inside of the tree.

or·na·ment (n). Something that decorates or adorns; an embellishment, an object that adds beauty to something.

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