Crown Paperweights & Portrait Murrini

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Filigree Ribbon Core Crown Paperweights with a Hand built Murrini in the Centre comprise our  Mortimer the Mutant Frog Lifecycle series of Paperweights. These paperweights combine the best Ribbon and Filigree canes we make to create a veil that surrounds a matching or complimentary ribbon or filigree core in the centre of the paperweight. An elaborate handbuilt portrait murrini completes the mix. These are a veritable feast for the eyes that will stimulate your imagination. Filigree Ribbon Veil Paperweight with Filigree Core and Mortimer the Mutant Frog Murrini

Filigree Ribbon Veil Paperweight with Filigree Core and Mortimer the Mutant Frog Murrini

A contrasting yellow Latticino core spirals up the centre of this weight with a complimentary veil of black, white and green Ribbon and brown Zanfirico cane rods decorating the outer layer. Mortimer the Mutant Frog murrini completes the top.
Size: (W) 2 5/8″, (H) 2 3/8″
Signed: VWT signature murrini on the bottom.

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Virginia Wilson Toccalino and Tony Toccalino create these Handblown Crown Paperweights & Portrait Murrini at their glassblowing studio in Halton Hills On.  Mortimer the Mutant Frog with Attitude highlights the top of these lovely crown paperweights. He is angry at us as we are destroying his environment. That is why he is flipping the world the bird. He sits atop a matching filigree core that is spiralling up the centre of the paperweight.

These brightly colored Crown Paperweights  are made using precise, consistent glass rods of different colors and styles oriented to display a distinct pattern on the surface of the orb.

Virginia’s paperweights are very collectible. Many examples are in the permanent collection of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, ON.

Ancient glass making techniques invented in Murano Italy by glass masters Filippo and Bernardo Catani in 1526 are used in the process creating these paperweights. This elaborate pattern making technique was and still is difficult to perform. Filigree Glass, unlike conventional blown glass, was suitable for only the uppermost tables of society as it was not common.

This elaborate form of Filigrana Glass is responsible for the fame of Murano style glass today.

The patterns and colors able to be combined in these Handblown paperweights are almost limitless. This brings much appreciation and joy to collectors of the beloved Filigree Glass technique.

The Crown Paperweights & Portrait Murrini  will come gift boxed with an artist card and a rubber “O” ring to display it on.

pa*per*weight (n). A small, heavy, often decorative object that is placed on loose papers to hold them down. Also known as collectible, contemporary objects of beauty

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