Filigree Ribbon Stardust Balls

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The Filigree Ribbon Stardust Balls are created using plain and specific colored “Dichroic Glass” We enhance its reflective qualities to exhibit more color and sparkle. It is then combined with various styles of ribbon cane, latticino or other exotic complex canes. These pieces are truly unique and the end result is dazzling. These are truly signature pieces unique to Virginia’s and Tony’s style. The end result is of one of unrivaled color and brilliance. All of the Filigree Ribbon Stardust Balls are signed by the artist. Your Filigree Ribbon Stardust Ball will come in a gift box with and information card.



Filigree Ribbon Stardust Balls incorporate Dichroic Glass. The space industry developed this glass  for  window filters on space craft.  The surface of a piece of glass has very thin layers of rare metal oxides  deposited on it. Then an intense electron beam bombards the surface with an intense electron beam in a high temperature vacuum chamber.

‘Dichroic‘ is the property of exhibiting more than one colour when viewed from different angles”. Virginia fires her glass in a kiln at high temperatures a number of times to achieve the finished result. The colour of each piece can be quite unpredictable.

Dichroic glass has the effect witnessed in nature on insect wings, peacock and hummingbird feathers. The dichroic glass is first fired in the kiln.  This results in the reflective qualities being enhanced.  It sparkles and shines an increased amount. These Filigree Ribbon Stardust Balls are a great addition to any collection.

Ancient glass techniques invented in Murano Italy  in 1526 are used in the process. This elaborate pattern making technique is still difficult to perform. Filigree Glass, unlike conventional blown glass, was suitable for only the uppermost tables of society as it was not common.

This elaborate form of Filigrana Glass is responsible for the fame of Murano style glass today.

The patterns and color combinations in these Handblown Filigree Ribbon Stardust Balls are almost limitless. This brings appreciation and joy  to collectors of the beloved Filigree Glass technique

or·na·ment (n). Something that decorates or adorns; an embellishment, an object that adds beauty to something.


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