Art Glass Icicles Filigree/Ribbon

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Today after much experimentation, Virginia Wilson Toccalino brings you lovely Filigree and Ribbon Glass Icicles. Each filigree, lace-like cane is composed of groups of glass rods that involve a process of fusing, layering pulling and twisting the glass. The ribbon glass icicles are selected pieces of flattened colored glass embedded in the crystal, pulled and twisted to create swirling glass ribbons within.  Colors and dimensions may vary slightly. Each set of 4 Icicles comes in a gift box with an artist card.




Virginia and Tony create these Handblown Filigree Ribbon Glass Icicles at their glassblowing studio in Halton Hills On.  They use Ancient glass making techniques invented in Murano Italy by glass masters in 1526. This is an elaborate technique and very time consuming to perform.

Historically, as now, Filigree glass was rare. This elaborate pattern making technique was laborious and difficult to perform. It was befitting of Kings and Queens at the time.

This resulted in it being  suitable for only the uppermost tables of society.  This elaborate form of Filigrana Glass is responsible for the fame of Murano style glass today

The patterns and colors can be combined in these Filigree Ribbon Icicles to be virtually limitless. This brings much appreciation and joy to collectors of the beloved Filigree Glass technique.

Virginia is a huge admirer of the Venetian Filigree and Ribbon Glass Rods. She has always believed that they were beautiful enough to stand alone as ornaments. Following her dreams, she is able to offer you lovely Filigree Ribbon Glass Icicles. Virginia selects the glass rods carefully to match in size, twist and pattern. These glass icicles will be welcome addition to any ornament collection.  The patterns in the icicles are crisp and  colorful. This makes them very collectible and sought after. Our Filigree and Ribbon Icicles will sparkle and shimmer on your most special Christmas tree and delight young and old alike.

or·na·ment (n). Something that decorates or adorns; an embellishment, an object that adds beauty to something.

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