Designer Line: Single Hollow Filigree Bead Necklaces

$ 225.00 (CAD)

Handblown 1 inch diameter hollow filigrana blown glass beads are featured in my Designer Line Handblown Hollow Filigrana Glass Bead Necklaces.  Here, a blown bead is combined with Stardust lamp worked beads, .925 sterling silver, semi-precious stones and my beautiful blown glass cane beads.  These necklaces truly make a statement and are very rare as it is difficult to create well matched focal beads.  The necklaces are finished off with a sterling silver lobster clasp and are signed with my VWT signature bead hanging from a decorative sterling chain off the clasp.



The Cane glass beads used in these Signature Series Hollow Filigree Bead Necklaces are Hand Made in Canada by Virginia and Tony using Italian glass working techniques, at their glassblowing studio in Halton Hills, On.

First they gather molten glass at 2100 F from the furnace on a blowpipe. Next a layer of densely  coloured glass is added. Several layers of clear,molten crystal are then added  to create the size of bead desired. Sometimes coloured glass canes or rods (made by the artists) are added to create stripes and spiralling patterns on the beads. Next a bubble is inserted through the blowpipe into the mass of glass. The glass is then heated and shaped many times until the shape and temperature is just right. Of course this is all determined at the discretion of the glassblower! At that point this becomes a team event when Tony and Virginia stretch the glass into tubes. The glass stretches much like taffy to the length and diameters desired.

After the glass rods are cut into usable lengths, they are put into a digitally controlled kiln and annealed .  This adds strength and durability to the glass. They are then cut into beads lengths and polished through several polishing stages to create wet mint condition beads.

Virginia admires the  Venetian Style Filigree and Ribbon Glass rods. She always believed that they were beautiful enough to stand alone as a focal point in jewelry or ornaments so she created these lovely Hollow Filigree Bead Necklaces

Virginia strings these delightful necklaces with her blown glass cane beads combined with .925 Sterling silver beads and clasps.  She then signs them with a lampworked signature bead close to the clasp.

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Weight 190 g
Dimensions 14 × 0.375 × 13 cm
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