Designer Signature Series Jewelry

  The Blown Hollow Filigrana Bead Necklaces are our Designer Signature Series Jewelry. Handblown 1 inch diameter hollow filigrana blown glass beads are featured in the Designer Signature Series Jewelry.  Gorgeous blown beads are combined with .925 sterling silver, semi-precious stones and my beautiful cane glass beads.  These necklaces truly make a statement and are very rare as it is difficult to create so many well matched focal beads.  The necklaces are finished off with a delightful Leaf toggle and are signed with my VWT signature bead hanging from a decorative sterling chain off the clasp.

Ancient glass making techniques that were invented in Murano Italy by glass masters Filippo and Bernardo Catani in 1526 are used in the process. This elaborate pattern making technique was and still is difficult to perform. Filigree Glass, unlike conventional blown glass, was suitable for only the uppermost tables of society as it was not common.

This elaborate form of Filigrana Glass is responsible for the fame of Murano style glass today.

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