Artglass Angels

The Handblown Artglass Angels Virginia and Tony create are extremely collectible. Virginia Wilson Toccalino and Tony Toccalino make them with great care and devotion at their glassblowing studio in Halton Hills, On. Every Angel is unique and one of a kind.  Whether panels of Stardust glass alternating with colored glass canes or Sterling Silver accents adorn them, their little wings are open and ready to fly away to their new home. These Handblown Artglass Angels are symbols for faith, devotion, hope, trust, innocence, purity, strength and love. These things are necessary to be a good person. Angels have been protectors and messengers throughout history. Angels provide comfort, inspire faith and promote the search for higher wisdom and understanding.

An Angelic gift acts as an angelic presence in someone’s life. Other symbolisms provide comfort and promotes divine understanding.

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